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The closer the date for announcing Intel’s discrete graphics, the more information about the specifications of future products will appear on the Internet. Recently become available An official slide for presentation with future configurations of the memory subsystem for portable versions of video cards Intel Arc Alchemist.

According to these characteristics, there are five different configurations. In the higher version, the DG2 chip will include 512 executable units (EU, Executable Units). to SKU1 The developer will recommend using 8 GDDR6 memory chips with an effective operating frequency of 16000MHz. In this case, a 256-bit bus will provide a bandwidth of 512 GB / s. An older graphics card should theoretically compete with my GeForce RTX 3070 laptop.

Model with internal name SKU2 You will receive a GPU with 384EU activation, it will be equipped with 12 GB of memory (6 chips), and the 192-bit bus will provide a bandwidth of 384 GB / s with the same effective frequency of the GDDR6 chips at 16000 MHz.

SKU3 With 256 computers it will be offered with 8 GB memory and 128-bit transmission. The high effective frequency allows you to get RAM up to 256 GB / s. Remember that the GeForce RTX 3050 mobile phone is offered with a capacity of 4 GB and a bandwidth of 192 GB / s. Of course, you should not only evaluate the capabilities of the video card on these parameters, but suppose that they will be devices of the same class.

The main features of Intel Arc Alchemist portable video cards are revealed

To compete in the niche of entry-level discrete graphics cards, and perhaps the best integrated AMD graphics on RDNA2, Intel developers will offer two basic models – SKU4 And SKU5, which will differ only in the number of GPUs – 128EU or 96EU. Both will be equipped with a DG2-128EU GPU. These video cards will use a 64-bit memory bus, and the amount of local RAM will be 4 GB.

In this configuration, two DRAM chips are sufficient. A pair of 14000MHz GDDR6 chips can deliver up to 112GB/s. In these respects, they are good competitors to the new GeForce MX.

According to the loose chip, the mobile series will not have a GPU-based video card with 448 drivers activated. Therefore, the performance gap between the main model and the second most hierarchical model will be large. The EU amount and memory bandwidth for SKU1 and SKU2 will differ by a third. Processor version 448EU can be used for Intel Arc desktop graphics cards.

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