Softnet celebrates its 25th anniversary in 17 countries

Softnet celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with information and communication solutions. At the same time, director Andrei Postianjic does not hide that they intend to expand further.

“There are a lot of plans, ideas and plans. With Softnet services, we will continue to expand to single countries in Asia and Africa.” They are already operating in 17 countries around the world.

“After expanding into Asia, we have decided that the greatest potential for expansion is the African continent. Many companies are expanding there and these companies are already very much our customers. In addition, we are seeing a very rapid digital transformation of society in Africa – from mobile payments to other services via Internet, Softnet Administrator adds.

They learned a lot from expanding into Asia

Boštjančič recalls that 25 years ago, many managers in the company did not have a computer on their desks and that access to the Internet in the company was more exotic than a working tool. Even 20 years ago, the standard bandwidth in companies was 64 or 128 kb / s. Their determination to provide services to companies only has been accepted by many with the irony of how anything can be achieved in this market in terms of business volume. At the same time, it should be understood that consolidation in most industries has reduced the number of medium and large firms from about 2,000 to about 300, and thus the number of potential customers.

“In 2002, we decided to expand first in the Balkan countries and in 2010 in Asia. At all these times, the need for communication services has increased, as well as the complexity and complexity. We started building our optical network early on. Thus, we have our own optical network not only in Slovenia, but in all major cities of the former Commonwealth. With this, we have become a very important player in the services market for businesses in the region,” describes Boštjančič.

With the expansion in Asia, they came up with global projects that required several times more than regional ones, and they learned a lot from that. “In 2007, they also became fixed-line operators, first in Slovenia, then in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and finally in North Macedonia. Then we became the mobile operator of Slovenia. In this way, we enable a whole range of mobile services, including 5G, VoLTE, VoWifi and E-SIM,” said Softnet Director.

Communication will make the consequences of Covid-19 more serious

The Covid pandemic has also cut their operations. Had Covid-19 happened 20 years ago, everything would have been alive. However, due to telecommunications, many industries worked without any problems. Everyone who is suitable for working remotely has learned about working from home, and everyone has learned to order things online. Without us, the operators, the consequences would be much worse,” concludes Andrei Bostijanjic. He adds, however, that this situation without the possibility of travel led to some difficult situations, especially when it was necessary to work in remote offices. “So we had to hire a lot of people Based on rounding interview or some other platform. And not just for recruitment, but also for familiarization and education.”

They entered the residential communication services market through their company Omrežje and other related companies. This provides all the services that the subscriber needs today at home, including access to the Internet, fixed and mobile phones and television.

They have also increased the number of employees over the years. Thus, all the companies in the Softnet Group now have approximately 100 employees.

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