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In just a few years, Tesla became the biggest player in the auto industry and became the first car company in the United States after Ford, which did not go bankrupt in this market. Moreover, according to Bloomberg, the electric car plant Fremont topped the rankings of the most efficient car plants in North America.

In the last quarter of 2021, Tesla’s total annual production exceeded one million vehicles. This is largely due to the Shanghai plant, which showed record growth and sold nearly 71,000 units of the Model 3 and Y in December. In total, Tesla’s Chinese division shipped 473,078 electric vehicles to customers last year.

However, the numbers are growing at the Tesla plant in Fremont, California. According to Bloomberg analysts, its productivity per week is now 8,550 units. This is a record for American auto manufacturers. in second place Stabilizes Toyota Automobile Plant in Kentucky. They collect 8,427 cars per week. On the third – Spartanburg in South Carolina, owned by BMW (8343 cars). The fourth is the Princeton Toyota plant in Indiana with 8,200 cars per week, and the fifth is the Ford Trucks plant in Kentucky, where weekly 7,600 vehicles come off the assembly line, Electric writes.

The publication notes that while most automakers today are experiencing a production drop amid a pandemic and supply problems, Ilona Maska, on the contrary, has been able to speed up production at the plant in Fremont. This is largely due to the fact that the auto company produces most of its auto parts itself, and is less dependent on third-party suppliers.

In addition, according to Bloomberg, Tesla makes the most efficient use of plant space. In square metres, Toyota’s Georgetown plant is twice the size of Tesla’s California plant, but they are roughly the same.

Interestingly, Maska in Austin, Texas, is now building a plant one and a half times larger than the Fremont plant. Expected to be more productive: According to Tesla’s preliminary estimates, it will produce up to 20,000 cars per week, or 1 million electric cars per year (for comparison, if the current record growth rate can be maintained, this year). However, the California plant, according to Musk, still has room for growth in terms of productivity.

According to analysts, in 2022, Tesla will supply about 1.4 million cars, which is almost 50% more than last year.

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