The Prosecutor General’s Office handed over 5 billion hryvnia of explosives to ARMA

This was reported in the prosecutor’s office.

More than 3,000 tons of powder packages intended to equip jets and missiles for multiple rocket launchers are physical evidence in criminal proceedings.

According to an investigation launched by the UCP in the summer of 2021, in 2010, a private company in the Zaporizhia region purchased explosives from a company that had the right to dispose of them without a permit in the amount of 15,000 hryvnia. Prosecutors opened the case for the illegal handling of explosives.

The value of the seized explosives was estimated at more than 5 billion hryvnia. For all the time, the explosives were stored free of charge on an area of ​​\u200b\u200b6 thousand square meters. m the territory of a military arsenal. The UCP notes that this impeded the use of the occupied capacity to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and led to significant costs for the Ministry of Defense.

Prosecutors in the Military and Defense Prosecutor’s Office have admitted explosives as material evidence in criminal proceedings. Based on the results of the petition, the court decided to hand over ARMA explosives.

What does ARMA do?

It is the central executive body of Ukraine with a special status that formulates and implements state policy in the field of determining and searching for assets that can be confiscated in criminal proceedings. It was created in November 2015.

The Agency, in particular, analyzes statistics, search results and other information related to the detection, search and management of assets. It also forms and maintains a consolidated state register of assets captured in a criminal case.

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