US lays out plan to help Europe with gas if Russia cuts supplies

This was reported by Reuters, citing sources.

The administration of President Joe Biden told the agency that the United States is in talks with major natural gas producers around the world to understand their capabilities and willingness to temporarily increase production and distribute these quantities to European buyers.

However, global gas supplies are limited and are unlikely to completely replace Russian gas volumes. According to CNN, the coverage of countries with which the US is negotiating is “really global“While Washington and its partners are studying what supplies will be needed to survive in winter and spring if there is a shortage of gas,” he added.

CNN quoted US officials as saying that these discussions are at a “fairly advanced” stage. This should reassure European countries that imposing sanctions on Russia in coordination with the United States will not have a significant impact on the European economy.

According to Bloomberg, European countries differ in how they respond to Russian aggression. For example, some large EU member states have requested transition periods and the exclusion of a number of banks from the prepared list of sanctions, as well as exceptions to contracts already concluded with Russia.

Thus, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz has publicly stated that sanctions against Russia should be imposed “with caution” in the event of further aggression against Ukraine, as it could have consequences for others.

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