Without active security protection, there is not enough protection

Computers, servers, and even a “factory” for cryptocurrency mining are highly desirable movable assets in your businesses and homes and can be quickly “converted” to another currency “in the market.” Do you also belong to those who believe that mechanical protection would take a good or at least satisfactory protection for your property? Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you. In 2022, mechanical protection is no longer sufficient and will certainly not prevent unpreparedness from wanting to seize your property. If you haven’t paid attention to the issue of protection for several years, now is the time to re-examine the market and see what is most effective in stopping uninvited people.

So without advanced built-in anti-burglary systems. The fact is that there are still a lot of people in Slovenia who do not have insurance on their property even with mechanical protection, so the most popular of them appear in the statistics of the Black Chronicle. And since there are fewer and fewer such individuals, it is also likely that the victims coming from parents will be much more from year to year. So you can decide to leave the property to a happy or unfortunate coincidence, and another option is to choose the installation of a wiring system, and therefore also structural interventions in the building, which means an additional cost. In addition to being the most expensive version without the line, you may also experience inexperience in designing the system, which is not as rare as it might seem at first glance. For the point on the “i”, don’t forget to add any problems due to poor wires.

And what do we recommend? The third option, of course. This is a DSC (Anti-theft) wireless alarm system installation. PowerG technology is an advanced security technology. It saves all the functionality of traditional wiring, the absence of wiring weaknesses and installation costs. This is why installing a wireless system is clean, fast, and easy.

Because DSC engineers have not compromised on the development of the PowerG wireless system, this system is currently one of the most secure and reliable wireless communication technologies on the market. All those who are interested in security planning in today’s major industrial environments will certainly not miss the advantages of sensors that reliably and wirelessly communicate with the control panel up to a distance of 2 km without additional amplifiers for the wireless signal. To increase the quality of the wireless signal and extend the range of battery autonomy, DSC engineers have installed a technology that constantly checks the communication signal quality of each element in the system and sets the power to the lowest possible level with the highest communication quality. Thus, battery packs in technical protection elements have a service life of up to 8 years.

PowerG system owners also can’t worry about wireless security and the impenetrability against cyber intrusions, as DSC engineers have also installed advanced 128-bit AES encryption and technologies that provide Frequency Random Shift (FHSS) and real-time, two-way, multi-channel communications between items. (TDMA). These owners can also sleep more peacefully in terms of the security of wireless communications and the impenetrability against intrusion attempts via the Internet.

And another thing. The system is managed via a smartphone, which means cloud technology is also included. How quickly, then, the question arises of who is the one who has an insight into our video surveillance or theft system. This answer is simple, the person who owns the cloud. In our case, the answer is Johnson Controls, which also includes DSC. condition The largest electronics company in the world. Cloud information processing servers are located on three different continents, and accessing information requires strict security protocols.

Hardware DSC (PowerSeries) Neo (Power G), the Canadian manufacturer of DSC, represents a complete line of wireless and hybrid components for the installation of even the most complex anti-burglary systems. All the above mentioned advanced security technology devices are certified according to the highest level of requirements For commercial applications (Wireless Commercial Vloy List 1, 2, and 3).

DSC recently introduced the new WP8360 PowerG Wireless Alarm Control Panel. It features simplified and faster wireless system installation and system launch via the free ConnectAlarm mobile app, which also enables full remote control of the system.

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