Apple coming soon with its own gaming console?

Less than a year ago, console gamers welcomed the arrival of the PlayStation 5, one of the most awaited gaming consoles of all time. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S are also high on the popularity scale.

Apparently, Apple is expected to enter the gaming hardware field soon. Online rumors have surfaced that the company is hiring Microsoft experts to develop its Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles. Apple is building the knowledge needed to build its own gaming console.

No other information about the potential game console is available from Apple at this time. It is also interesting to note that Apple is not a newcomer to gaming hardware. The computer giant introduced its own gaming console in 1996 with the aim of opposing the then popular game consoles Nintendo 64, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. But there was no success with the gaming console, so Apple abandoned it back in 1998.

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