Intel received a complaint against a fine of one billion dollars to the European Commission

In 2009, Intel filed an appeal against a decision of the European Commissioners convicting him of abusing his monopoly position. In addition, he was sentenced to an astronomical fine of 1.06 billion euros. Intel imposed an astronomical fine for deliberately obstructing the marketing of competitors’ products between 2006 and 2007 by offering major discounts to PC manufacturers if their processors were selected.

The computer giant is also said to be bribing leading computer system manufacturers such as Acer, Dell, Hewlet Packard, Lenovo, and NEC. All this in order to make it difficult, delay or stop the presentation of new products equipped with devices from competing companies. Here, we consider, of course, competitor AMD, which was not doing well at the time.

Fortunately for Intel, the judges recently overturned the billion-dollar ruling. The reasons for this can be found mainly in the unprofessional investigation conducted by the European Commission. In addition, there was no evidence that cuts to processors actually affected the restriction of competition. The European Commission will first examine the court’s decision and then decide how to proceed. The possibility of appeal to a higher court has not yet been ruled out.

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