Knowledge is knowledge, no matter where and how you learn!

Distance learning is excluded. One that has also affected the IT sector, especially when it comes to more demanding courses where exercises are required in certain environments.

We can say with certainty that you or someone close to you has come to know about online learning in the past 3 years since the start of precautionary measures against the contagious virus. Online learning or e-learning has been on the rise for some time now and the pandemic has accelerated this growth while drawing attention to the existence and benefits of e-learning. However, there are also shortcomings, and they are so small that more and more companies or individuals still choose distance learning.

What about IT education when it comes to distance learning?

On the other hand, this type of education, which was at the time of the epidemic, severely affected the IT sector, to which such learning was the closest. Exercising in a “lab” environment, which is a very important part of the training, is a major challenge for computer science, and even more so for the lecturer, as it is difficult to participate in helping the individual without excluding the whole group or observing which student is better than the other, which is already established in Classical education. However, online education in general and in the field of information technology has many advantages.

The main advantages over traditional education, as well as the various possible methods and forms of e-learning, are ease of access and time independence. Many have already realized these benefits and used them in the best way, while others still need a “boost”. We all need socialization or short-term changes in the environment, but knowledge is knowledge, which, no matter where and how you learn, is very important for the development of any employee.

Fear of online education hinders employee development

Housing, one of the leading providers of IT education, was asked where they see additional problems with distance learning. In addition to monitoring the training needs of their customers, their companies also examine the culture and attitude toward the education of their employees. Each year, they point out that the lack of information in the respective departments leads to concerns about technology and changes in education.

For a long time, they have been referring to the lack of quality IT staff in most Slovenian companies and also the significant shortage of other soft skills in people. In cooperation with leading IT professionals in Slovenia, they encourage companies and individuals alike to take an interest in additional knowledge and a desire to upgrade already acquired experience and at the same time a desire to grow in both business and personal areas. With this in mind, a product called was created in 2017, where all employees of the company can learn something new.

The first and only Slovenian portal for online education with a wide range of subjects

At the end of 2017, the Department of Housing expanded its offer of e-learning by creating the portal, which covers everything that has been missing so far in online additional education. These include live lectures, the possibility of personal interaction between the student and the lecturer, and a wide range of topics for personal and commercial use, which are collected in one place. They regularly update the portal with current courses and adapt them to users so that their experience is the best. For 12 years, housing has provided a unique IT education business model – NLT (Unlimited Training), which allows access to all IT learning content without restrictions for 365 days. It is intended for individuals, businessmen, companies and their employees, in short, all with a desire to upgrade their IT skills. An essential novelty of their offer is the possibility of completing a group subscription to the NLT, with which they can give all employees unlimited access to the portal. (Public relations)

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