Seven years ago, Elon Musk launched a rocket into space. Now you return ㅡ and go uncontrollably to the moon

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A Falcon 9 rocket launched from Florida in February 2015 to launch the DSCOVR satellite, which is intended to observe the Sun and Earth.

The spacecraft was able to send the observatory’s satellite to the Lagrangian point – a gravitational-neutral location on a line with the Sun, which is four times farther from the Moon.

At this point, the rocket ran out of fuel to return to Earth’s atmosphere, and there wasn’t enough energy to get out of the Earth-Moon system’s gravity, meteorologist Eric Berger explained. Thus, the second stage of the rocket remained in space and began to move, according to Berger.somewhat chaotic orbit».

Data analyst Bill Gray, who runs the Pluto Project, a software company that supplies professional astronomers and amateur astronomers, estimated that the device could hit the lunar surface on March 4. The impact is expected to fall on the large ancient crater Herzsprung on the far side of the moon, so we won’t be able to see it.

According to the scientist, this may be the first time that a spacecraft has been unplanned on the moon’s surface. However, this could provide researchers with valuable data, as it will allow them to learn more about the consequences of rocket collisions with space objects.

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