ArhComp: a company interested in operating computer systems in remote areas

The smooth operation of the computer systems in which you perform everyday tasks has become a given. But that’s normal, because we’re in the 21st century, right?

Companies are made up of people who rely on good technology to do their work effectively. Cloud computing, edge computing, work, distance learning… all of this is part of our daily life. However, when it came time to introduce these technologies, specialized IT companies, such as arhCom, were put to the test.p, who were responsible for creating a modern IT infrastructure.

Škofja Loka arhComp IT company consists of a team of IT experts from different fields who are interested in the successful operation of small and medium-sized businesses. How would ordinary people describe their work and knowledge? The cliched term “tech miracle” describes their in-depth services very well. These are high-tech areas where modern monitoring of innovation and development is key to meeting the needs of customers and partners. Stagnation is punished quickly and harshly. That is why the arhComp team is constantly updating its knowledge, as evidenced by the many certifications and successfully completed projects.

Planning and creating complex systems is just the beginning

There is no universal formula for creating computer systems. It all depends on the available resources, the needs and requirements of the client and the qualifications of IT professionals. ArhComp focuses on communication with the customer, with whom he orchestrates the entire plan: from initial equipment purchase and information environment planning to maintenance and the possibility of future upgrades. Their suite of services includes building networks, setting up a server, Wi-Fi and internal networking environments, and setting up centralized network control.

If your business uses multiple workstations and printers, it’s time to think less and set up an IT environment and network. Networking enables faster employee collaboration, better use of resources, and centralized management and backup. ArhComp completes, restores or rebuilds your entire network.

Of course, do not forget the security and protection of the information technology infrastructure, which threatens devices even after its establishment. Nowadays, all the active systems that make up the IT infrastructure are at risk. ArhComp solves all of these security issues by installing and installing ESET security products.

Authorized Dealer and Repairer for Brother Printers

Computer and printer: two indispensable devices in every office. For printing purposes, arhComp recommends Brother inkjet, laser and MFPs, as you can take advantage of their position as an authorized repairer and dealer of Brother printing equipment. For increased productivity, they recommend Brother laser printers, which feature high speed and long-term reliability. Brother inkjet printers are suitable for the office (home) where users need the best print quality, want to avoid high initial purchase costs and above all significantly reduce printing costs.

ArhComp offers a 3-year warranty on all Brother products. You can also choose to rent printers or multifunction devices. This way you will avoid the cost of purchasing hardware and ensure a much lower printing cost per page.

Refurbished PCs offer the best price-performance ratio

The refurbished computer market has boomed in the past two years. While prices for new computers and hardware components are rising, refurbished computers offer better and better value. Even a laptop or desktop computer that is a few years old is still more than powerful enough for all of your daily tasks. There is also no reason to worry about a restored computer crashing in a year or two. All arhComp shelf refurbished computers have passed all factory tests. Detected errors are corrected and suspicious components with signs of failure are replaced. They prove the quality of refurbished computers with a one year warranty. They also have new laptops and desktops from well-known brands (HP, Lenovo…), monitors and all other office equipment (tons, cartridges, drums, paper…).

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