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NVIDIA tried to prevent crypto miners from buying RTX 3000 graphics cards by limiting the mining capabilities of Ethereum. But about a year later, the miners said the effort was unsuccessful. Among them was Blake Teeter, a miner in Colorado who was one of those NVIDIA tried to stop them from buying its video cards.

The company planned to do this through the NVIDIA Lite software limitation (LHR), which it set for most RTX 3000 series GPUs to reduce Ethereum’s mining capabilities. But if anyone thinks that the LHR series prevented Titer and his colleagues from buying it, they are wrong. “I have about 20 LHR cards that I use in my work,” he says.

NVIDIA LHR Cards in Mining Platform. (Photo: Blake Teeter)

In total, the Titer mining installation includes about 95 GPUs. More recently, he added NVIDIA’s LHR graphics cards, which, despite their limitations, can still make a lot of money. On average, his mining facility generates around $4,500 in Ethereum per month after electricity costs.

“Yes, I feel like LHR was bullshit,” said Teeter, who started crypto mining a year ago. ROI with LHR is not an obstacle for miners.

“This didn’t embarrass miners at all,” agrees NiceHash, a cryptocurrency platform that helps PC owners get the computing power for mining.

The reason is that NVIDIA LHR graphics cards only reduced the production of Ethereum by 50%. Within months, the mining community, including NiceHash itself, developed software that could increase mining capabilities by more than 70%.

Crypto Miners: NVIDIA Lite's Hash Speed ​​Limits Haven't Stopped Us

Profits from mining the LHR card last month until the latest Ethereum fall.

According to NiceHash, the LHR RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 Ti could fetch around $125 and $108 per month in December, respectively, when the Ethereum price topped $4,000. This is higher performance than the RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti can produce without the LHR.

“Of course, if they had a choice, miners would choose cards without LHR, but the fact that the video card has LHR would not prevent them from buying it,” – he said in NiceHash.

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