See what you store in the Google Cloud

Google Cloud better known as Google Drive is useful for storing documents, photos, presentations, … but not everything is so rosy

Recently, an assistant professor at Michigan State University Dr. Emily Dolson, notes that she has noticed unusual behavior when using Google Drive.

One of the files in her Google Drive, called “output04.txt”, was almost empty – it had nothing on it but the number “1”.

There’s almost nothing special about it, but according to Google, this file is in violation of the company’s “Copyright Policy” and has therefore been classified as controversial. The alert sent to her email address ended with “A review of this restriction cannot be requested.”

Something similar happened to Dr. Chris Jefferson, a research mathematician at St. Andrews. Jefferson has created more than 2,000 files, each of which contains only one number between -1000 and 1000. In doing so, Google has files containing the numbers 173, 174, 186, 266, 285, 302, 336, 451, 500 and 833. marked for copyright infringement.

Google seems to be aware of these issues and is working to fix them. Specifically, the company also shared links to request a review of the breach and invited users to visit the community forum for additional assistance.

Other than that, the giant blocks files that contain content such as: sexual abuse and exploitation of children, dangerous and illegal activities, harassment, intimidation and threats, hate speech, misrepresentation and misrepresentation, malware and similar harmful content, misleading content, violent organizations and movements.

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