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At a NASA Committee on Space Safety meeting, private space company SpaceX’s plans for 2022 were announced: 52 flights – up to a week a year. This is 21 more runs than last year’s record. Three of them have already been held in January. the fourth will take place Already tonight.

According to The Verge, SpaceX is NASA’s leading partner in manned flights. The company delivers astronauts and cargo to the International Space Station aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft, and is actively developing a new-generation Starship ultra-heavy launch vehicle, which will be able to transport people to the Moon and Mars.

“NASA and SpaceX should try not to fall victim to their success in 2022,” said Sandy Magnus, a former NASA astronaut and a member of NASA’s Space Security Advisory Board. This year SpaceX has an ambitious statement for 52 launches. It’s an incredible pace.”

SpaceX has many customers besides NASA. The company periodically transmits satellites on behalf of the Department of Defense and other private and foreign US companies. A large part of the launches are due to the private subsidiary Starlink, which is gradually launching a group of satellites into orbit as part of an initiative to provide Internet access from anywhere in the world. Every few weeks, SpaceX launches about 50-60 satellites from Starlink.

However, spaceflight plans tend to change, and there is no guarantee that the 52 launches announced will happen. So, last year, Elon Musk was close to hitting the 48 launch mark, but in fact he only managed to do 31 times. In addition, the NASA panel members reminded the importance of safety measures, and noted the dangers of chasing records for the sake of records.

Both NASA and SpaceX You must ensure that the Agency’s missions are given adequate attention and content Due priority– Magnus confirmed. “SpaceX’s set pace must be met in compliance with all safety requirements.”

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