Renewing Samsung Galaxy Home Mini is only a matter of time?

Smart speakers appeared as one of many experiments and were introduced to the market as a way to test reception by potential users. However, as these products are now sold as a bet, more and more consumer electronics manufacturers are choosing them. So it is not surprising that Samsung will soon introduce an interesting smart speaker.

The very interesting Samsung Galaxy Home Mini is supposed to be very similar in design to the previous model, which was introduced years ago with the Galaxy S20 family of mobile phones. Compared to the previous model, the novelty will be much richer on the screen, which will provide the user with basic information. The novelty will be intended for the most demanding users, since the sound quality is supposed to be excellent. The smart speaker will be developed in collaboration with AKG experts, and in addition to high-quality speakers, we will also find up to eight built-in microphones for excellent capture of spoken commands.

More information about the Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker will be revealed by Samsung in the next few weeks, including availability and retail price. Many fear that the novelty will not be available for free. Samsung may give it as a gift when buying a Galaxy S22 smartphone, but the offer will be limited to the South Korean market.

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