Good news for fans of LG games and TV!

This time we have great news for everyone who loves games and has a smart TV from LG Electronics. Nvidia has announced that popular streaming game service GeForce Now is finally available for LG Smart TVs. This is the first stable release, while the beta version has been available to LG TV owners for several months.

All those who purchased a compatible LG smart TV between February 1 and March 27, 2021 will receive a free six-month subscription to Nvidia’s Priority. This includes the option to include advanced RTX options, six hours of continuous playback, up to 1080p resolution and an average frequency of 60 frames per second. However, without a subscription, we can play games for an hour.

Nvidia GeForce Now is very popular among game lovers. This is a little different from the competition. In fact, the service automatically connects to a library of games that the user has in one of the popular online stores. Platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store,, Uplay, Origin and Bethesdin are currently supported, and new ones will be added soon.

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