Virtual Sales: How to Improve Selling Skills, An Indispensable Guide to Virtual Sales

The sales industry has undergone major changes in the past two years. At the forefront of the changes was the need to engage customers in the virtual environment.

Virtual sales have always been on the global corporate agenda, but global events have forced companies and individuals to adopt the new virtual sales model almost overnight. Virtual sales require customization at all levels. The mindset, use of technology, and even your business model must change. At the start of the pandemic, some were reluctant to implement virtual sales, mainly on optimism that the social situation would soon calm down. Two years later, these individuals and companies are left behind and are now looking for ways to improve virtual sales in no time.

Fortunately, a new book on the topic of virtual sales has been on the shelves.

An indispensable guide to virtual sales

The three authors, like everyone else, thrown into the virtual reality “water” in March of last year, have transferred their findings and many years of sales experience into a handbook that will be relevant for a long time to come. In it you will find all the key technologies that they have used and developed successfully during this time with their many years of experience in sales.

Virtual sales have gained their place and will continue to be an important part of sales activities. That’s why it’s going to be a book Virtual sales meeting An indispensable guide for all those who want to meet and exceed their sales goals and don’t want to let outside events affect your results.

virtual and digital

You will find easy steps to implement effective digital approaches to the market to acquire and retain customers.


Straightforward, proven, short and helpful examples. Brief content without undue heft with practical and concrete examples.

sale and efficiency

Covers the activities and sales skills that lead you to a successfully completed virtual sales meeting. You simply “walk” step by step through the instructions and provide new insights into your actions. impact.

Who is the book for?

Read the following questions to see if the book is right for you. In case you answered yes to at least one question, the book is the right choice for your business and personal growth.

  1. Are you in sales and want to satisfy customers while acquiring new ones?
  2. Do you enjoy selling and working with people in the new virtual reality and digital environment?
  3. Regardless of the “new reality” conditions, do you put customers first?
  4. Want to improve your website and attract more visitors?
  5. Do you want to overcome physical distances and physically connect to customers with proven virtual tools?
  6. Are you running out of time to “try out” new digital tools?

What distinguishes it from others in the global market?

  • The first Slovenian guide to running a virtual sales meeting, backed by practical sales tips and strategies on how to make the most of the digital and social media tools available to you.
  • More than 75 years of experience of three authors in a new virtual “disguise” gathered in one place.
  • ABC’s Sales Guide, which in addition to sales techniques provides practical advice for better and smarter use of digital tools and social media.
  • It also includes a chapter on digital marketing to help you improve your website and social media presence.

A dynamic and interesting read for sellers and buyers. Not just what you can get from customers, but what you can offer them and above all in the ways in which you will reach them: virtual and digital.

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