Cryptocurrencies in Solidarity with the Food Bank

EasyFeedback will allocate a portion of the value of your token purchase to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks through “no one without their daily quota”

About a year ago EasyFeedback arrived Lanzadera, Mercadona Business Accelerator, To present your project and launch your token in the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to Lanzadera and his team, the opportunity to meet projects like nobody without their daily quota was born.

EasyFeedback aims to simplify and solve communication problems between consumers and businesses. To do this, they developed a new protocol, the Feedback Guide, about it A platform that promotes sending private comments to companies, organizations and institutions around the world. In order to reward people who send original and helpful feedback, they have created a code called EASYF.

Buyer of his ‘coin’ has the option to add the code EASYFNSSRD at the time of purchase to To be rewarded with 2.5% more tokens than what you boughtthanks to the initiative they are implementing jointly with “No one without their daily ration” and through which they will allocate the same amount to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks – FESBAL.

The book “Nobody Without Their Daily Quota” was born with the aim of honoring the people who go to the so-called hunger queuesSo the donations go towards creating cash cards so that all those who are going through difficult circumstances can buy anything from the supermarket Necessary, like everyone else. Currently, by digitizing the food donation process, they have managed to raise 304,000 euros for food banks, which translates to 18,554 donations, 395 tons of food and the ability to help 59,288 people.

More than 6000 cash cards worth 50 € and . have been created One ton of carbon dioxide was avoided in the atmosphere While eliminating unnecessary transportation of food.

To collaborate, just follow these steps:

  1. Complete and submit the form Which you will find in the following link: In less than 24 hours you will receive an email with a link.
  2. Click on the link to start the identification process (also called KYC).
  3. Once your identity is verified, you will receive an email with access to an EasyFeedback code purchase.
  4. During the token purchase process, select the referral code EASYFNSSRD.

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