Honor 50 Lite review: how was it priced?

Once under the safe care of Huawei, today it expresses its freedom with the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite phone lines.


Advantages Weak points
66 watts supercharged ❌ No support for 5G networks
Big Screen ❌ 60 Hz screen
Good battery life ❌ Average Capacity
Powerful main camera ❌ No protection against water

However, since this is the first generation of smartphones, Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite still have a touch of Huawei. This is not surprising, as the average smartphone development cycle is 1-2 years, which means that the two phones were in development when Honor was still part of parent company Huawei. This is also noticeable when comparing both phones with Huawei Nova 8i and Nova 9 and it is clear that all phones were in development at the same time.

Before the show, Honor was a brand covering the market of low and mid-priced smartphones. He borrowed technology from his parent company, but provided better value. It is very similar to today’s Poco in competition with Xiaomi. What about separation? How did the first examples of Honor’s technology fare? We have already tested the flagship Honor 50 in the editorial office.

What about Honor 50 Lite? However, since it’s a cheaper version, we can expect to pick up some manufacturing and hardware shortcuts. How does it compare to its more powerful sibling and how does it compare to other phones in this category, where competition doesn’t allow it to slip?

Honor 50 Lite: price and differences

Honor 50 is priced at 529 euros (6 GB/128 GB) and 599 euros (8 GB/256 GB). Honor 50 Lite (6GB/128GB) almost halved that price to around €310. There is also a version with 8 GB of RAM. What did you lose at a lower price and what makes it so special?

Honor 50 Lite: Quality build and build

The Honor 50 Lite isn’t the lightest (192g) and thinnest (8.5mm) smartphone, but the difference is quite minimal. You will not feel discomfort in everyday use, even with prolonged use (playing games, being creative…). In exchange for a slightly heavier and thicker phone, we also get a larger screen, which seems like a fair alternative.

The front selfie camera is located on the left side of the phone, which is a design that is becoming increasingly popular among phones in this class. A different layout allows better use of the screen or is less of a hindrance to the user than a central layout. The edges of the phone are very thin on the top and on the sides, and the bezel is thicker on the bottom. Honor 50 Lite has a pre-installed screen protector, saving you the trouble of installing your own. On top is a nice surprise in the form of a 3.55mm jack, which means you don’t need any adapters to plug in the headphones. At the bottom there is a mono speaker, a SIM card slot (microSD card support is missing) and a USB-C connector for fast charging. On the right side, there are already the classic buttons for volume and on / off. The fingerprint reader has a power button built in, so you’ll also notice a slight notch in it.

There are three colors available: black (night black), silver (astronomy) and blue (navy). The back of the phone is very attractive and elegant. It doesn’t have a premium glass feel like some umbrella phone models, but it’s still an element that makes the phone stand out. But it’s also a true stain magnet, so we recommend a transparent cover, which will still give you an unobstructed view of the phone’s design. In general, the edges are slightly curved, which makes the phone comfortable to hold in your hand. A noticeable shift in the Honor 50 Lite’s design is the central placement of the camera ring. Most manufacturers choose to place it in the upper left corner, and Honor 50 Lite has the ring in the middle. It is difficult to determine whether this layout is the best. From a practical point of view, the use of the camera does not change, so the different design of the camera is only a matter of individual taste.


With a 6.67-inch IPS screen and slim bezels, the user has more than enough working space. That said, the position of the camera also contributes to this. Even when watching videos with an aspect ratio of 16:9, the camera is far enough away that it does not obstruct the user from viewing the content. However, if you switch to a higher aspect ratio (21:9), the camera is a bit of a hindrance. The notable difference between Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite is also in the screen type.

While Honor 50 enables users with OLED quality, Honor 50 Lite users will have to settle for a FullHD or LCD (IPS) display. However, the screen makes good use of the DCI-P3’s wide color palette. The LCD screen and smaller frames per inch (391 ppi) are the main reason for the above average battery capacity of 4300 mAh. Although you would want an OLED screen in this category (similar to some competitors), this is still an understandable omission. However, we can’t forgive the LCD screen’s low refresh rate. While competitors offer at least 90Hz or even 120Hz, Honor has refresh rates limited to 60Hz. LCD technology is cheaper than OLED technology and you can definitely get a little faster speed. For the next generation Lite, we expect Honor to upgrade this area.

The touch sampling rate is surprisingly high at 180Hz for this price range and would be a welcome addition for anyone who likes to play a mobile game during their spare time, such as PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile and the like.

Honor 50 Lite: Performance

The Honor 50 Lite has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, which is a slight disappointment, as it’s an older processor that was a popular choice for manufacturers in previous generations of phones. These are mid-range processors that don’t offer a great deal of computing power. There is also a lack of support for 5G networks. Although it is not the latest, the processor will not slow down the ability of the phone in everyday tasks. You don’t need the most powerful processor to browse the web, check emails, and watch multimedia content. Also for playing most mobile games, which usually do not have high requirements.

You can see the performance of the phone in the numbers below for easier performance.

Antutu: 193,000

Geekbench: 305 (single core), 1231 (multi-core)

3D Mark Wilde Live: 392

PCMark battery: 9:17

128 GB space available for data storage. An additional microSD card slot is not included. Most users will find it difficult to fill the entire storage drive. However, for a group of users using a smartphone to create or take pictures/recordings, they may fill up the available space quickly.


  • 64MP main camera
  • 8MP Ultra Wide Camera
  • 2MP macro and depth camera
  • 16MP Front / Selfie Camera

In addition to the battery, the camera is the most advertised feature of the Honor 50 Lite. The more expensive Honor 50 has two separate camera rings, one for the 108MP main camera and one for the other cameras. Honor 50 Lite has a single ring for all types of cameras. The main camera has been reduced to 64MP, while the other cameras have kept the same specifications as the Honor 50.

64MP main cameras have become a common thing in mid-range smartphones. For most users, Honor 50 Lite will meet all the needs. Due to the Dark Mode function, it performs well in many shooting situations, especially in low light. The camera is limited to 8x zoom, since a significant loss in image quality is observed. The ultra-wide camera is useful in certain situations, such as group photography, and the image quality itself is satisfactory. It’s hard to find a situation where we’d recommend a macro camera. Taking decent shots requires a lot of tuning, finding the right angle and light. In short, the macro camera does not provide much practical use. With the 16MP front camera, you will take useful selfies and make a clear video call without any problems. There is also a beauty filter that can be adjusted using the slider.

Battery and charging

The main theme of Honor 50 Lite is definitely the long battery life. Although we’re used to slightly higher capacities (4500-5000mAh) in this category, the 4,300mAh battery still packs more than enough power for at least two days of operation with moderate use. Less powerful hardware (LCD screen, 60Hz refresh rate and less wasteful processor) also contribute to a longer autonomy. As with other phones, the autonomy when playing games or creating was reduced a bit, but we still ran without any problems until the end of the day.

When you need to charge the Honor 50 Lite, it happens very quickly thanks to the 66W fast charging. Honor claims that it can deliver up to 40% charge in 10 minutes, which is in line with our tests.

Final opinion

Honor managed to make a positive first impression with the new Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite. However, this is the first generation of phones after the separation, which is also noted in some shortcomings. Honor has passed the first test of users, and the true indicator of their quality will be in the next generation of phones, which will be the result of their own development.

If you want a large screen, long battery life and are ready to abandon the OLED screen and a higher refresh rate, then Honor 50 Lite is an interesting option for many users.

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