Starlink Satellite Network Enhancements

SpaceX has been offering the global Starlink satellite network for a long time, which aims to provide fast and reliable access to the World Wide Web from every corner of the world. SpaceX Starlink satellite Internet is already doing more than great in practice. Data transfer speeds range from around 50 Mbps to just over 150 Mbps, and latency is currently between 20 and 40 milliseconds.

However, problems occur when the temperature of the external satellite dish rises above 50 ° C. This is automatically turned off, which means that the satellite Internet is no longer available to the user. A satellite dish is a communication device used to transmit and receive microwave signals. It is an antenna in the form of parabolas (panel shape), used for transmitting and transmitting data.

Of course, Starlink satellite Internet users are not satisfied with the automatic shutdown of the receiver on the satellite dish. That’s why SpaceX decided to improve it. New satellite antennas will soon be available, which will be more resistant to high and low temperatures. If all goes according to plan, Starlink’s new satellite dishes will be available in the first half of this year.

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