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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in the company’s fourth-quarter earnings report that the Tesla Robot Bot is the “most important product” that Tesla has developed this year. This makes it a priority over the Cybertruck and other electric vehicles, including the Semi and Roadster.

Musk presented his first Tesla Bot teaser last August on Artificial Intelligence Day. He used a man in a robot suit to demonstrate, warning that “it probably won’t work,” but added that he hopes to have a prototype next year.

“I think over time it could become more important than the auto industry,” Musk said of the business, codenamed Optimus.

Although the Tesla robot may walk away from us and may never be done, Musk said it has the potential to revolutionize the economy if it can do tasks that only humans can do now.

Advances in robotics have allowed companies to replace some workers with machines, but the limitations of modern technology still require that many tasks be done by humans.

“Of course, Optimus aims to be friendly, navigating the world of people and eliminating dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks,” Musk said in August.

The bot is an example of Mask’s skill at creating the show, announcing that Tesla is working on exciting products planned for years to come that will help motivate employees, customers and investors. Often the announced innovations are not implemented on time. For example, at the Autonomy Day event in April 2019, Musk said that in 2020 the company will have one million autonomous robots.

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