Chromebooks also for…

As working from home has become a part of everyday life, Chromebooks have become very popular overnight, both among casual, business and creative users. However, it may soon become popular among computer game lovers. Here, of course, we keep in mind fans of the least demanding games.

To be able to use Chromebook computer systems to play PC games, it also displays the icon that appeared in Chrome OS. This indicates that three families of Chromebooks will soon be seen, which will be equipped with a color-lit keyboard. Lenovo and HP were the first to decide on this approach. These companies are expected to release Chromebooks for gaming soon.

New Chromebooks for gaming are being developed under the codenames Vell (two models) and Taniks (one model). To this end, these computers will also undergo a comprehensive hardware overhaul. All newcomers are expected to use the latest Intel Alder Lake (12th generation) processors to recalculate the data.

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