Elon Musk has banned the accounts of the young man who created a bot to track the billionaire’s plane on social networks

A new programmer from Florida told Bloomberg that Elon Musk blocked him on all social networks after he refused to be removed. Twitter bot Five thousand dollars. And after the story was published in the media, the number of followers who watched the billionaire’s plane increased from 85 to 260 thousand.

Sweeney also told The Insider that Musk had “entered some measures” that made it difficult to track his plane. However, according to the student, they can still be bypassed.

“You know, he’s a little weird, he wants to shut up, and he looks really angry.”Sweeney says.

But the student hopes that Musk will return to negotiations.

what is he talking about?

Jack Sweeney has created a total of 15 Twitter bots to track the planes of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Tesla and SpaceX board member Kimball Mask, Nikola President Trevor Milton and Tesla founder Ilona Mask. The program uses open data from the US Federal Aviation Administration, processes it and shows the movement of aircraft.

Musk asked the student to delete the account for five thousand dollars, but the author of the robot asked him for 50 thousand dollars, and then offered to train him in one of the billionaire’s companies. Sweeney made it clear that he did not want the robot removed for the proposed amount after realizing that he had invested a lot of time and effort into the project.

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