Google Drive with new restrictions for …

The popular cloud storage service Google Drive will soon impose new restrictions on the use of free space.

Lately, Google has become very modest when it comes to free storage. The company has stopped offering unlimited photo backups to convince people to pay for a subscription to Google One if their requirements exceed 15GB, which is available for free with every account.

Now they are likely to limit WhatsApp. Drive does not currently count WhatsApp backups to your storage quota, but if the information displayed needs to be considered, Google may soon add limits on how much of your content can be stored in the cloud for free.

A few months ago, a development option appeared that would allow users to manage the size of the backup by selecting which parts of the WhatsApp chat history they would like to upload to the cloud. At the time, it was speculated that this was a preparation to remove or at least limit free Drive storage space. The misgivings seemed correct. While “dissecting” the latest WhatsApp beta, WABetaInfo found some interesting code combinations which is not good news for those with large backups.

Some of these icon sets reveal how the app will communicate news to users (“Google Drive backup change”) and detailed notifications to let you know when your free storage has filled up (“Google Drive almost full”) and when it has reached its limit (“Google Drive limit reached” ).

According to the previous details, this free space may be limited to 2 GB.

2GB is still pretty good if you don’t think about more media, but if you include photos and videos uploaded over months or years, the space will start shrinking quickly. So yes – you better start saving for your Google One upgrade or start saving backups locally.

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