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We give JIMMY great tips for Valentine’s Day gift.

The Jimmy brand, specializing in the research, development and production of electrical household appliances, is available in Slovenia in the online store, and will also be presented in the country with pop-up stores, which you can find in retail stores and centers. The JIMMY brand, which is exceptionally synonymous with quality, is becoming increasingly popular in Slovenian households. And what does Jimmy advise regarding this year’s Valentine’s Day gift?

All-time leader in digital brushless motors

Jimmy, a sub-brand of Kingclean, specializes in the research, development and production of electrical home appliances. With more than 27 years of industrial experience, 750 designers and 1300 patented technologies, it is the leader in the production of digital brushless actuators.

Jimmy: a professional in every home

Jimmy brand includes famous brands Jimmy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (JV 85, JV 85 pro, H9 pro, HW8 pro and others), jimmy professional hair dryersAnd fans, air purifiersAnd electric toothbrushesblenders in a Other home appliances.

Great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift!

If you don’t know yet what to give your loved ones for the holiday, this will be a Valentine’s Day gift JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer great choice. You can find it in red in a Violet the color.

You can also praise your better or better half JIMMY T6 Electric Toothbrush.

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