Windows 11 at the expense of many …

At the beginning of October last year, Microsoft announced the final version of Windows 11. It easily impressed even the most demanding users. Windows 11 brings a revamped design, and the sounds are modern, crisp and clean, giving a sense of lightness and serenity. At the same time, the new version of the operating system puts the user and its content in the center.

Windows 11 was initially available to only a limited number of users. The remaining users received the new OS after only a few weeks or months. The transition to Windows 11 was much slower than it was in Windows 10, as Microsoft did not want to take excessive risks with the newcomer. However, Microsoft recently announced that the new Windows 11 operating system is now available for all compatible PCs through the update system.

As it turns out, Microsoft’s strategy has always paid off in the end. According to a recent study by research firm AdDuplex, Windows 11 is currently installed on up to 16.1 percent of compatible PCs. The number of PCs has even doubled compared to last November, which in fact indicates that they are getting more and more popular. At Microsoft, they are confident that the number of users of their new operating system will soon increase with the addition of new betting options.

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