Hard disk drives with a capacity of 22 TB…

There is absolutely not enough storage space, and the space on SSDs still does not meet the requirements of the most demanding users. It is therefore not surprising that the leading manufacturers of hard drives are preparing increasingly powerful products as if they were on a conveyor belt. Seagate engineers are currently at the forefront of this field, having recently developed new technology to produce the first 22TB hard disk for sale in data centers.

Ambitious Seagate engineers were able to achieve high capacity with Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology. This provides a more dense history of data on the surface compared to other solutions. At the same time, high reliability of operation is ensured, so that worries about possible data loss are almost completely unnecessary. In addition, the hard drive is more resistant to external temperature fluctuations, has lower power consumption (up to half in standby mode), lower heating (about five degrees) and a longer life.

Seagate’s new 22TB hard drive is currently available only for data centers, and sooner or later it will be available to individuals. It is worth noting that Seagate has big plans for the future. By 2023, they plan to produce a hard drive with a capacity of 30 TB, by 2026 with a capacity of 50 TB and by 2030 it will reach 120 TB.

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