Who are the winners of the Huawei competition…

After the work of an expert jury, they awarded up to 70 prizes in the world’s largest smartphone photography competition, Next-Image 2021.

Generations photos by Attila Tombi of Hungary, Zhang Wei of China, and Zdenek Dvorak, I’m a Father, have now received unanimous praise from the international jury. In addition to the “Photographer of the Year” title, they received another $10,000 to encourage more creativity and expression with Huawei smartphones.

Attila Tomba (Hungary), HUAWEI P40 Pro generations

Picture description: »The people in the photo are my mother-in-law and my daughter. I was touched by the moment when light and shadow play on their faces. Just like two generations’ lives overlap, proving that love and family don’t change over time.”

Jury Comment: “The captured warmth between grandparents and grandson not only moved the photographer, but also moved me. The frozen time fills me with the feeling that I should not disturb this quiet and gentle moment,” Otherwise, the winner of the next photo contest 2020, said Lin Haiyin.

Zhang Wei (China), hometown feast | HUAWEI P40

Description of the picture: “The photo was taken in Longyan City, Fujian Province. According to the unique Hakka tradition, which means receiving great wealth, each family in the photo prepared a feast to honor the guests. A precious photo arouses love and longing in the heart.”

Jury Comment: “The longer you look at it, the more you’ll find in it. The full colors, rich details, strong contrast and cleverly balanced evoke curiosity and charm” Robin Krabi, a Canadian extreme sports photographer commented.

Zdeněk Dvořák (Czech Republic), I’m a father now! | HUAWEI P9

Picture description: “My wife’s birth lasted for up to 38 hours, but that did not shake my desire to record a memorable moment using a smartphone. When our romantic relationship developed into family and changed from husband to father, my life was fuller.”

Jury Comment: “The photographer captured the soft reflected light with his smartphone, thus emphasizing the warmth and authenticity of everyday family life,” Liu Heungsheng, founder of the Shanghai Center for Photography, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism.

A selection of the best photography work – winners selected from each of the ten categories

Huawei Next-Image 2021 competition presented ten categories: Portrait, Monochrome, Color, Snapshot, Night, Telephoto, Ultra Wide Angle, Super Macro, Story Maker and Storyteller. The jury also selected the winners from each category separately. Among them, 27 winners will receive a $1,000 Creative Fund prize, while the second place winners will receive a Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch.

Award-winning contributions highlight the details of the world we see through the lens of a photographer and tell stories of life or ever-changing social landscapes, using the diverse photographic capabilities of smartphones. Photographers express their creativity in different ways and in different categories.

In the Portrait category, they captured intimate expressions of their families, friends or models and filled the images with emotions that drive judges and observers through the honest details of the artwork. In the monochrome category, they used light and shadows to recreate a sense of depth and emphasize the contrasting lines that enrich the scene. But in the color category, they tried to capture the true beauty of stories and emotions, as well as create a dramatic show through the creative use of colour.

Compared to the 2020 competition, the number of entries in the Narrator category has doubled, reflecting the popularity of the competition, as well as the advancement of the thinking and imaging process using smartphones. While new categories for Next-Image 2021 encouraged mobile photography enthusiasts to express feelings, tell stories, document a changing world and discover emerging trends.

In addition to the usual awards, a novelty, which are student-focused awards for students between the ages of 18 and 24, was also introduced. Many students from Xi’an Jiaotong University Central Drama Academy and other institutions received a creative cash prize of 1,000 US dollars and a Huawei P50 smartphone as an incentive to continue creating.

In the era of mobile photography, the following photo contest offers a look into the future

The Next Photo Contest is an important event for Huawei, serving as a platform for discussions on imaging technologies, smartphone photography experience, and new ways of photographic expression. It has been running for five consecutive years and attracts enthusiasts from more than 170 countries.

Huawei also wants to inspire creators with a photo competition to capture and share life’s moments and the beauty of the surroundings. any time and any place. last but not least. To explore the possibilities offered by mobile photography.

All winning images can be viewed at https://gallery.consumer.huawei.com/.

Rich device ecosystem

Recently Huawei introduced in Slovenia exceptional phones in the field of mobile photography, Huawei P50 Pro and P50 Pocket. Thus, the phones join the wide range of other Huawei devices we have available to us. The first is the mid-range Huawei Nova 9 and Huawei Nova 8i, followed by the Watch GT 3 smartwatch, the MateView and MateView GT screens, and the upcoming FreeBuds Lipstick, which is also a great fashion accessory.

For more information, visit: Consumer.huawei.com/si

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