Doom can also be played with a slice of…

The old game of Doom can be played on almost all modern devices – from calculators to a flashlight that you buy from Ikea.

Apparently, the $14.95 Ikea smart bulb has enough computing power to power the classic PC game Doom.

Software engineer Nicola Wrachien removed a computer chip from a smart bulb and used it to make the Doom mini game system. Over the weekend, he uploaded a YouTube video demonstrating his making.

The system is running a mini version of Doom that requires less RAM. The chip from an Ikea lamp has enough processing power to run the game at 35 frames per second on a cheap, 160 x 128 pixel screen.

The Ikejae smart bulb has an integrated ARM-based Cortex M33 processor and “96 + 12KB of RAM” or just enough to power the first stage of Doom. The same processor is installed in the Silicon Labs microcontroller.

However, the game was not immediately successful. Wrachien built a separate board with 8MB of fast memory, power connectors, audio ports, and a keyboard attached to an Ikea lamp chip. Then the system was connected to a monitor and an improvised 8-key keyboard.

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