Slovenes always do with their cell phones…

Users of the smart mobile wallet VALÚ, with which Telekom Slovenije upgraded its range of financial services in 2019, carried out more than two million transactions in 2021, and the number of mobile wallet users increased by more than 40 percent. At the end of the year, more than 100,000 users used the VALÚ mobile wallet, which can pay with their mobile phones at more than 3,000 payment points, including the Internet, where easy payment via QR code has become very popular. At the same time, VALÚ also offers up to €3,000 per month and an annual spending limit of €15,000.

»The share of Slovenes who have paid using a mobile phone at least once has grown significantly in the past year, reaching 48% of the population. We are seeing strong growth in the use of mobile phones, particularly in the online shopping arena, where the user experience itself is simpler and more secure as compared to card payments. Therefore, users appreciate the simple and secure use of modern mobile applications along with the biometric authentication method,” Highlight the growing trend of mobile payment transactions Ajda Brlec, Director of Digitization and ICT Solution Development at Telekom Slovenije.

In addition to fast online payments, ATMs and physical outlets, popular features of the VALÚ smart wallet include the ability to send and receive money, split your account, for example at a restaurant, or withdraw funds, and easily top up your account via VALÚ Moneta. VALÚ Moneta offers the fastest way to top up a VALÚ wallet, and the user has a monthly limit of 160€ by default. The user pays the consumption on VALÚ Moneta with the operator’s monthly invoice. Users can also top up their accounts in their mobile applications via their bank account, payment card or transfer funds easily between users. You do not need to be a subscriber of mobile services for this, so you can, for example, recharge your child’s VAL balance by transferring money from your mobile phone – in a few moments and without transaction cost.

A prepaid VALÚ Mastercard is also available, which allows payment at home and abroad. Anyone who has made at least three mobile transactions this year can get a free VALÚ Mastercard in February.

Users of the VALÚ mobile application have an easy overview of their consumption, the possibility to change the limit, special discounts for select partners and the recent update has made the application even more user-friendly.

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