The incredible success of the headphones …

At the end of August 2017, according to many experts, the world saw the best smartphone with the Android operating system for mobile phones. It contained practically everything that users need to play entertainment and work. Unfortunately for many Android fans, all the benefits of the Essential Phone (Essential PH-1) smartphone did not convince mobile users. Perhaps the price was one of the main reasons.

It looks like the Essential Phone smartphones will soon return to the market under the auspices of Nothing, which was co-founded by the well-known and successful mobile phone maker OnePlus. Nothing has recently become the owner of Essential and everything is registered in its name with the UK Intellectual Property Office. Earlier, none had decided to start selling wireless headphones and they succeeded.

The wireless earbuds (1) have already been purchased by more than 400,000 customers. In addition, the demand for it is by no means diminishing. This is not surprising, because these are high-quality headphones, for which only 99 euros should be deducted from the free sale. The headphones, which weigh only 4.7 grams, are available on the company’s official website at Very soon, nothing is expected to offer four more products for sale, which are also expected to impress. Expect to know more about the new arrivals soon.

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