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New Microsoft Windows updates take a long time to download on some computers – up to 8 hours or more.

Updating Windows can be a “very interesting” or rather frustrating process. On some computers with Windows installed, it takes up to 8 hours or longer for updates to download. Fortunately, Microsoft has already identified a major factor as to why devices struggle to achieve a “full update”.

David Guyer, Head of Windows Update Programs, explained in a post on the Microsoft Tech Community via BleepingComputer why a Windows device is taking so long to update successfully.

The first is a period of two continuous hours when the device is connected to the Internet. They are followed for another six hours after the update is released, after the update has been released for installation.

This total time of eight continuous hours ensures that all updates to Microsoft versions of the operating system have been installed successfully. Goyer says that the time a device is turned on and connected to Microsoft services such as Windows Update is called internally an “update connection.” Therefore the eight-hour period is known as the “minimum update connectivity metric”.

Ensuring Windows is always up to date is important for all users, whether business or private, as it improves security and reliability. If your Windows machine regularly warns you that updates need to be installed, or that it is taking too long to complete, the update connection meter may be less than the required minimum. In this case, Microsoft encourages users to leave their devices for a longer period and connected to the Internet. Eyeliner, it is advised to leave it on overnight.

Windows 11 updates are also expected to be up to 40% smaller and more efficient, so it may turn out that the minimum connection for updates will be reduced.

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