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Although there are 10,000 warm homes and commercial headquarters in Slovenia, infrared panels and infrared heating are still unknown. While heating can be annoying, it’s good to know which option allows you to invest 2-3 times less than, say, an investment. heat pumps

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Recently, there has been a lot of controversy about heating methods and the amount of savings in this regard. The main claim that we will touch upon and debunk a myth or assert as the truth is that infrared heating infrared panels The most expensive heating method in Slovenia.

Although infrared heating is a relatively recent heating system, there is already a lot of information available, backed by the expertise of infrared heating professionals and more than 10,000 current users, who reject this claim entirely.

It is understandable that people defend what they know best, but unfortunately sometimes we do not take into account the benefits of innovation, which can be better than what is already known.

Infrared heating is often the cheapest, but it can also be the most expensive. why?

We note that there are frequent problems with providers of the latest infrared heating systems who do not have sufficient experience in this field. It can happen that due to successful sales or little knowledge about the operation of infrared heat, customers are not advised enough and therefore sell heating, which leads to higher costs rather than savings.

to infrared heating There are some laws that make it – if we take them into account – this is the cheapest method of heating.

The first rule is that we must not equal Radiant Heating, because it differs in the transfer of heat to the room. Compared to central systems radiant tubeless and No losses in the system itself.

Infrared heating with infrared panels Given the legality, it is often one of the cheapest systems, especially when comparing the total costs over a long period (20, 30 years), i.e. with investment, depreciation, service and thoughtful maintenance, which are not found in a high-quality infrared heating system.

Alice Babich, expert in infrared panels and infrared heating. Founder of Ekosen, a leading manufacturer of infrared panels in Slovenia and Croatia.

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When is infrared heating more expensive? What should you pay attention to when choosing?

An infrared panel heating system can also be more expensive than heating oil or other heating systems if laws are not followed. Infrared heating has some specifications that can significantly change the performance characteristics and energy consumption. If they have infrared panels Insufficient power, if it is incorrectly placed in the room, made of poor-quality materials and inaccurate regulation, the consumption will be high and the quality of space heating will be poor or. annoying. As a result, there are very conflicting opinions in the public. Experts in the field of infrared heating should be consulted and knowledge of the laws of radiant heat.

Infrared panels: Adequate power is the deciding factor

One of the main factors that provide savings is the sufficient strength of the panels in the room. It often happens that service providers advise customers to reduce the strength of the panels in the room due to sales or ignorance, the result is the continuous operation of the panels at maximum productivity and, accordingly, high consumption. The solution to this is, of course, the appropriate strength of the panels according to the size of the room, the insulation, the presence of glass surfaces, the number of external walls …

proper organization

The next reason is proper organization. Very few thermostats or . Regulators on the market are intended exclusively for infrared heating. Ordinary thermostats are usually made for several types of heating, which do not allow the optimal supply of energy needed to heat the room. Classic thermostats work on the principle of hysteresis, which means that the infrared panel connected to the thermostat is either working at full (100%) or off. This method of heating is not the most comfortable, since the temperature in the room fluctuates, and all the more so is the feeling of warmth.

Therefore, a regulator must be installed to achieve maximum efficiency IR Sun WiFi, which does not work on the principle of hysteresis, but constantly monitors temperature events in the room and detects the response of the building to supplying the room with heat. Calculates very precisely and at all times the amount of heat that must be brought in to maintain the required heat and achieve maximum savings.

Hot Plates: Proper placement is a skill that only a few can master

It is important that the panels are correctly installed in the room, which can only be arranged by professionals. Therefore, before installation, it is good to have knowledge or. An expert will place the infrared panels in place as needed. It is better if infrared panels are installed on the ceiling, since the efficiency and even heat distribution are the best. However, if this is not possible, they are fixed to the wall, but in the best places. Unfortunately, without knowing where to place infrared panels in the room, we can significantly increase consumption and reduce heating efficiency – such as directing them towards window surfaces, etc.

Ekosen IR panels are modern, have a very long service life and only work 4 hours a day. Both are aesthetic and functional.

infrared or . Infrared heating: only trust providers with more experience

It is indeed true that startups tend to offer better prices for products. Unfortunately, this may be due to the problem of unwanted heating due to the inexperience of the provider, the use of poor-quality materials for the manufacture of infrared panels and poor regulation, which is not suitable for frequent core heating.

Ekosen is the first company in Slovenia in the field of infrared heating and has been the market leader for more than a decade. Many years of experience have brought in user feedback, which Ekosen is happy to take into account when investing continuously in the advancement and improvement of the products being made. Under its own license and with its own development, ensuring high production control and the highest quality of final products. Ekosen IR heating panels are a combination of quality, performance and price.

At the same time, they understand the importance of professional training of the company’s team, so they regularly organize trainings for employees, consultants and installers. The result is user satisfaction and a long service life of the infrared heating system.

Infra panels have already impressed over 10,000 satisfied customers.

Many celebrities also swear by the Infra panels. Legendary soccer player Marcos Tavares called them a “complete hit” because the heat reminded him of the Brazilian sun.

In the cold winter, they also warm our white slope champion, Ilko Štuhec.

The enthusiasm for infrared panels is also shared by the famous host of the TV show Ambienti, Boštjan Romih.

You can find more data from users of the Ekosen infra panel here.

The main advantages of the infrared heating system with Ekosen IR panels

  • Environmentally friendly, as there are no unwanted emissions.
  • Heating consumption is 60% less than heating oil.
  • Considering the investment, service and maintenance, which do not apply to the quality of infrared heating, it is one of the cheapest systems and mostly cheaper than air-to-water heat pumps.
  • The conversion of electricity to infrared heat is almost 100%, there are no losses in the distribution, furnace or chimney …
  • Very long warranty and longer service life than other heating systems.
  • Aesthetically, it fits into any space.
  • Only minimal construction interventions are required during installation.
  • Reduces the possibility of mold formation.
  • Remote control capability with IR Sun WiFi controller.
  • Additional savings when combined with photovoltaic cells.

Infrared panels or heat pump?

The air-to-water heat pump is an inverted cooling system. In cold periods and in poorly insulated buildings, the radiator heating mode or when the compressor is weak (on average after 8-10 years of operation the compressor begins to weaken) the help of an ordinary heater, which can be a monthly payment in the amount of annual consumption. The main difference is also in the investment. Investment in infrared heating panels in new construction not less than 2 to 3 times smallerif we compare a high-quality heat pump and high-quality infrared heating panels.

However, we must not forget that IR panels have no maintenance costs, as they do not consist of moving parts that will be depreciated over the years.

If we turn directly to the method of heating, the difference is that the walls and objects with infrared panels are at least 2-3 degrees warmer – that is, approximately at the temperature of the air in the room, which gives a greater sense of warmth.

A very important advantage is that we extend the life of the building with infrared panels.

The warranty for high quality infrared panels is 3 times longer because there are no moving parts, pumps, fans, fluids, etc.

Infrared heating: Want to learn more and save?

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Infrared heating experts

The right address for consulting and purchasing infrared heating panels is undoubtedly Ekosen with many years of experience and excellent references in this field.

Ekosen is a team of 50 specialists in infrared panels, which has already made more than 10,000 satisfied customers for warm homes and commercial buildings.

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