Intel was even considering the possibility of …

Processor winding has become an almost natural issue. With a little knowledge of the computer and the right hardware, we can easily increase the capacity of the entire computer system. So it is not surprising that in 2013, Intel was testing the possibility of offering reusable SSDs to users in order to significantly increase their performance and thus operating speed.

Intel realized its idea in the market in 2014 by launching a solid state drive with a solid state drive 730. The only new thing is the Intel SSD 730. From 400MHz to 600MHz. In addition, the engineers also increased the operating frequency of NAND memory, from 83 MHz to 100 MHz. However, the SSD drive still has a five-year warranty.

Despite the success of the SSD 730 family drive, Intel decided to abandon the project. Namely, curvy SSDs will bring more disadvantages than benefits, as their life and reliability will be significantly reduced. Especially if the wrapping of SSDs was started by someone who does not have much experience wrapping computer components.

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