Interesting AMD Radeon RX 6500 coming soon…

In the field of graphics cards, we currently find only two companies, Nvidia and AMD, although the share of the latter is not entirely high. A recent survey by Jon Peddie Research found that Nvidia currently controls up to 78.2 percent of the graphics card market. The remaining 21.8 percent belong to AMD, with the latter taking a large stake from year to year.

However, the new graphics card will certainly contribute to the increase in the popularity of AMD graphics cards. This is a Radeon RX 6500 graphics card, which is intended primarily for manufacturers of pre-assembled computer systems. The new value is said to be only €115 in the US, and in terms of performance it is comparable to the Radeon RX 6400.

The AMD Radeon RX 6500 graphics card will be based on the Navi 24 graphics core built using 6-meter technology. The 768 STREAM processors will be available along with four GB of GDDR6 system memory for transforming graphics content. The data bus will be 64 bits. This means that Modernity will be able to handle less demanding content.

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