Robotic vacuum cleaners and sinks…

You’ve probably all heard of robotic vacuum cleaners before. It is such a wonderful thing that attracts you so quickly with its diligence and compassion that you quickly treat it like a pet.

Only that he also knows what to do. Some of them have evolved to this day so much that they can wash the floor. But this inclusivity sometimes comes at a price.

He who knows a hundred things does not master anything

This is not always the case, but generality usually means that a device with multiple functions usually does none of them better. We know, for example, washers and dryers. Due to the lack of space, they may be very welcome, but it is clearly better to separate the two. Because of differences in the weight of laundry in a universal washer in different jobs or simply because a stand-alone washer can wash the second “heat” while the first dryer dries.

For the first time, we’re saving time, which is especially valued by parents of young children, not to mention the quality of the task. It is very similar to robotic vacuum cleaners, which can vacuum and wash the floor at the same time. Many people like the idea, although the manufacturer will have to accept some concessions for the sake of universality.

If you have a rug, do you even need a sink?

If a standard large robotic vacuum cleaner performs both functions at the same time, it makes sense that this is known somewhere. The litter box is smaller, as the container of liquid takes up volume, even if you have never used the washing function.

There is also less space for a more efficient brush system. In universal devices, there is only one place, and practice says that two options are much better, because they are better at litter skin than carpets or fabric floor coverings. If most of the apartment is covered with it, then the dishwashing function does not mean much, so buy something with a universal device that you will not use. Like buying a washer and dryer and not drying laundry in it.

The less equipment, the lower the probability of error

Universal robotic vacuum cleaners have a sweeping washing function, which dictates their design, shape and way of movement. As a result, they are more expensive than affordable models of motorized sinks, and due to the improper shape and location of the unit, they wash less often at the edges of walls or furniture. The joints between the tiles also cause problems, as they are difficult to reach.

Then there is another obvious fact. Comprehensiveness always increases the complexity of the design and increases the probability of failure, which can affect the convenience of use. Especially if there is no official service available for the vacuum cleaner chosen to deal with in such cases.

Sit on the sofa and relax

The result is cleaner floors, less work for you, and more time that you can spend on more enjoyable activities.

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