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People often wonder how good are the hearing aids, which fall within the price criterion, so they are free. The answer is given only to AUDIO BM hearing centers, where we have the standard Shine Rev + series that will exceed your expectations for the standard

Shine Rev+ hearing aids are available in in-ear and in-ear versions.

Shine Rev + is distinguished by sound quality, comfortable listening and good clarity of speech, which is not usually expected in a basic selection.

The Shine Rev+ series contains many high-quality features typically found only in more expensive hearing aids. They have been shown to increase the comfort and success of hearing aid use.

These features are:

  • speech recognition system – It allows to hear speech more clearly, as it emphasizes more on the quiet parts of speech.
  • Noise Reduction System – Allows speech to be heard more clearly, as noise amplifies less than speech.
  • AntiShock™ 2 . System– Increases the comfort of listening for sudden unpleasant loud sounds, which it detects and controls instantly.
  • AutoMic – Flexible Directional Microphones – Improved understanding of speech in noise by detecting noise from the side and back, and focusing on receiving sound from the front. Automatic process.
  • Professional precision tuning Wireless with computer.
  • audio connector – Ensures clear listening of speech and natural sound, as the system automatically adjusts the adjustable parameters in each listening program.
  • Adaptation Manager – An automated system that regulates the adjustment of the hearing aid to the level of the person’s familiarity with the sound.
  • adaptive directivity – Uses the flexible directional feature of the microphones to increase the clarity of speech in noise.
  • Frequency compression 2 – It transmits frequencies from the area where there is no hearing to the area of ​​lower frequency where the hearing loss is less. This ensures that high-frequency sounds are heard and increases the clarity of speech.
  • Voice feedback management – Ensures no whistling. Due to this system, a hearing aid can also be used with open tuning (the auditory canal remains open).
  • DuoLink Wireless connection between two hearing aids to adjust volume and change programmes.
  • masked tinnitus – A sound generator with which we enrich the acoustic environment for the purpose of covering tinnitus.

And that’s not all that standard AUDIO BM hearing aids offer. Visit us and check out the details and full offer. Hearing and hearing test is free.

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