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Work without disposable batteries
You no longer need to buy disposable batteries. No more worries and surprises about running out of battery in the middle of the day when you least expect it. Charge and listen. every day. years and years. Without replacement, the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery will provide power for many years.

Easy to charge
Simply put the rechargeable hearing aids into the charger after use, they will automatically turn off and start charging. When taken out of the charger, it automatically turns on and is ready to use. It doesn’t get any easier.

kind of elderly
With no more frequent and confusing replacement of batteries and no need to worry about on/off, rechargeable hearing aids are especially friendly for seniors with low vision or low manual skills.

Contribute to environmental protection
The user of classic single-use batteries has been replacing hundreds of batteries over the years, putting pressure on the environment.

Lower usage costs
Let’s say a hearing aid has been with us for at least 6 years. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in your rechargeable hearing aid likely won’t need to be replaced during this time. If you use disposable batteries, which usually need to be replaced every week, this means that you replace at least 50 batteries in one hearing aid each year. Since it’s normal to use two hearing aids, this means we replace up to 600 batteries in six years! If we calculate the cost of purchasing all batteries, then the result will certainly surprise you: in six years, up to 500 euros is spent only on the purchase of disposable batteries. There is no such cost when using rechargeable hearing aids.

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