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Robust and reliable hardware is the key to running PC games, and this is especially true for the most graphically demanding 4K games. To enable these games to run on compact laptops as well, Western Digital has developed a dedicated Solid State Drive. This is a special edition Solid State Drive with WD Black SN770 branding, which is specifically designed to enable fast and clutter-free 4K and Ultra HD graphics content shooting. Of course, the most demanding PC game lovers, and of course those who are engaged in video editing, will be more than happy with this.

The new Solid State Black SN770 system from Western Digital is available in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes. These are exceptionally fast, with a 250GB memory module capable of reading up to 4,000MB/s, while a 500GB drive achieving a read speed of up to 5,000MB/sec. The most powerful models have a capacity of 1 TB and 2 TB with a read speed of up to 5150 MB per second.

The write speed for the 250 GB model is 2000 MB per second, and the 500 GB model features 4500 MB per second. The most powerful models with a capacity of one or two TB have a write speed of 4850 MB per second and 4900 MB per second. This will be more than enough even for the most demanding tasks and modern computer games.

Fortunately, Western Digital’s high-performance Black SN770 SSDs aren’t that expensive. For them, 86 euros must be deducted for the recalculated 250 GB version, 120 euros for the 500 GB version and 191 euros for the 1 GB version. The retail price of the new 2 TB capacity is set at 430 euros, which, of course, is no longer cheap.

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