The interesting iPhone SE 5G is getting closer…

It seems that Apple is ready for the upcoming launch of the relatively cheap iPhone SE 3. According to rumors online, the new will actually be presented on March 8 of this year. The new iPhone SE is expected to hit shelves worldwide in a week.

Judging by the computer-generated images that have been published so far, the novelty of the design will not stand out much compared to the current models of the iPhone SE smartphone. Nevertheless, it will be a very interesting device. Especially for those who need a small but powerful phone.

The Apple iPhone SE 3 smartphone is supposed to eliminate one of the main or major shortcomings of the current model. The novelty will fully support the 5G mobile network, which is very popular among users of mobile services due to the high-speed data transmission. The new iPhone SE 3 smartphone will still come with a classic 11.9 cm or 4.7 inch LCD screen. The powerful Apple A15 processor will take care of running the software.

Big changes in the field of iPhone smartphones of the SE family are expected, at least according to online rumors, only in 2024: Apple is finally expected to present a device with a much larger screen with a diagonal of 14.5 cm, 5.7 inches and 15.5 cm. cm or 6.1 inches. Also in this case, it will most likely be a classic LCD screen, because it is much cheaper compared to an AMOLED screen.

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