Amazon Prime will soon become more expensive…

Amazon Prime is a member of the world’s largest online retailer. This actually gives customers many great shopping opportunities. The latter are associated with significant discounts and often free express shipping of products. In addition, there are daily specials. On a daily basis, exclusive offers appear with exceptional discounts in all categories, of course reserved only for Amazon Prime members.

Americans will be a little less enthusiastic about an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon has announced that it will increase its subscription to the popular Amazon Prime for the first time since 2018. This will actually increase on a monthly basis from €11.35 recalculated to €13.10 recalculated. At the annual level, the subscription will increase from 103.93 euros recalculated to 121.40 euros recalculated.

The increase to the monthly or annual subscription to Amazon Prime will first reach new subscribers in the United States, starting on February 18. Existing subscribers will get a price increase from March 25 onwards. Amazon justifies the price increase with higher delivery costs, mainly due to higher fuel prices. It is not known at this time when European Amazon Prime users will receive the increase. Experts are convinced that this could happen before the beginning of this summer.

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