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Do you know where the food you eat comes from? How did you sleep? Where did you grow up? CrowdFarming provides fruits and vegetables directly from farmers.

CrowdFarming places orders for fruits, vegetables, dairy products, oils, grains, spices, beverages and other products directly from producers around the world.

The user can choose between two different ways to support self-employed farmers around the world.

They offer to adopt the tree: “When you adopt a tree or a field, let the farmer grow the crop, knowing that someone will use it, plus the final sale price. This helps them improve the situation in rural areas, and you can enjoy the freshly planted produce right from the field.”

Or buy produce directly: “By buying a box of seasonal produce directly from the farms, you allow them to get a fair price for their harvest and help reduce the carbon footprint of unnecessary transfers between intermediaries. You will also learn the exact origins and methods of growing your food.”

For example, you can buy 8 kilograms of grapefruit from Italy for 30 euros or 10 kilograms of oranges from Spain for 30 euros and much more. The delivery price is currently also included in the price of a single order.

However, if you also have your own farm, or would like to offer the world your organically grown fruits and vegetables, you can apply on their website as a farmer.

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