Huawei just before Valentine’s Day…

The beautiful Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick, whose innovative shape resembles a lipstick, are available in Slovenia at the recommended price of €249 as of today.

The headphones were officially presented for the first time at the end of last October along with the Huawei nova 9 smartphone, and a group of designers at the Paris Research Center for Aesthetics is responsible for their design. The high-quality sound, which provides an excellent listening experience, is the result of advanced engineering work and the classic dynamic structure of a wide-band diaphragm sound engine. It supports audio frequencies up to 40 kHz, improves the mid and treble range so that they are less clear, and allows you to enjoy louder and deeper sound. In addition to high-performance hardware, high-quality sound is also due to the software features that adorn all Huawei audio products.

Even the latest Huawei headphones are open type. The shape of the inner part of the earplug cover is the result of the analysis of more than 10,000 human ears and a comprehensive analysis of pressure on eight parts of the ear, which, in addition to the excellent sound, ensures superior wearing comfort.

To keep the user experience as smooth as possible, Huawei has improved battery autonomy. With active noise cancellation turned off, the batteries in the earplugs are enough for up to 4 hours of continuous audio playback, while the charging case has enough power for up to 22 hours. This allows you to enjoy your favorite songs without any worries anywhere and anytime.

It radiates nobility and luxury with its beautiful appearance, and at the same time pays tribute to harmony and aesthetics with its rounded arches and meticulous workmanship. The stainless steel casing is wear and corrosion resistant, and is made in a complex process of 30 self-contained processes, including polishing, to make the surface as smooth as a mirror. At the same time, the magnetic design of the cap closure features a “click” sound associated with the products of the cosmetic industry. Huawei FreeBuds lipsticks are available in luscious color combinations of black, gold and red, because the shades of lipstick chosen have a deeper meaning. Black represents mystery, gold symbolizes status, and red inspires and charms.

As of today, the Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick earphones are available in Slovenia at the recommended price of €249.

The new headphones, along with the Huawei P50 series phones, join our wide range of other Huawei devices. First, there’s the new Huawei Phone 9 and Huawei’s new 8i, followed by the Watch GT 3 smartwatch, the MateView displays, and the MateView GT.

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