Unnax and Onyze create alliance to provide solutions…

Unnax and Onyze strive to follow and anticipate CNMV recommendations, providing greater security, transparency, and control over crypto transactions thanks to a unique infrastructure.

Unnax, the leading electronic money entity (EDE) in open banking; And Onyze, a leading company in Spain under the auspices of the new generation, joined forces to launch the first solution on the market Encryption as a Service Under the umbrella of Fiat Infrastructure.

The solution, which combines the technological crypto custody services offered by Onyze and the regulated infrastructure of Unnax (the only Fintech EDE in Spain), will provide token operators the necessary regulations to operate with greater guarantees. This common platform will mean a paradigm shift in the financial sector by enabling the creation of services that combine traditional currencies (fiat currency) and crypto assets.

The agreement offers a complete and unique technology solution that enhances the security of crypto transactions, while complying with an increasingly stringent regulatory framework in preventing money laundering and financial transparency. In this way, the technology will allow companies that are graylisted to the CNMV (currently 87) and companies interested in building a cryptocurrency platform can do so by complying with market recommendations.

This new service will increase end-customer confidence and ensure a better user experience while allowing companies – whether or not they are CNMV gray-listed – to gain greater scalability and stability in their businesses, and avoid potential penalties from regulators. Likewise, in the future, the agreement will also allow these platforms to be provided with the necessary infrastructure to build banking services adapted to the traditional financial sector.

We are facing an unprecedented boom in investments in cryptocurrencies and it is imperative that these transactions are executed with maximum guarantees of security and control. Having the opportunity to integrate our technology with the Onyze solution is without a doubt one of those pillars that are making a difference in the financial market,” he stated. Julian Diaz Santos, Founder and Co-CEO of Unnax.

“This alliance with Unnax means we continue to be at the forefront of developing the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Today there is a very high demand and tremendous growth in cryptocurrency transactions around the world, and today we are demonstrating that our next generation custodian solutions respond to those needs. Now Onyze will be The well-established base supported by all those who intend to launch a new bank or any crypto platform,” he said Angel Luis Quesada, co-founder and CEO of Onyze.

for this part, Jordi Perez, Founder and Co-CEO of UnnaxHe adds: “In addition to speeding up the time to market for companies wanting to build their own cryptocurrency platform, Unnax’s alliance with Onyze It will give legitimacy and enable them to meet current and future regulatory obligations. This is where the innovative character of our technology solution lies.”

In this way, Unnax becomes the only EDE regulated by the Bank of Spain that can offer an infrastructure that allows companies in the crypto world to comply with the new and future requirements of the CNMV and the European Union thanks to the solution provided with Onyze.

About Unnax

Based in Barcelona, ​​Onax It is placed as a reference in Open Banking Techniques in Europe and Latin America. As a Bank of Spain regulated electronic financial institution, we combine regulation, expertise and technology to help companies create innovative financial services effortlessly and safely. From increased access to financial data to innovative payment methods, our technologies are revolutionizing the way organizations operate.

About Onyze

ONYZE DIGITAL ASSETS is a start-up from Madrid dedicated to the new generation of cryptocurrency custody. It was born three years ago to its three founders, Angel Luis Quesada, Inico Knorr and Alvaro Alcanese Rubio. Since then, it has only grown, reaching agreements with partners such as Renta 4 Banco or Allfunds and projects with entities such as CaixaBank. It has established itself as one of the leaders in the Spanish market in custodial services for digital assets.



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