Why are USB devices so expensive?

If you browse online stores for a new USB drive, you’ll quickly find that it’s pretty cheap, save for 1TB and up.

USB devices are available in different capacities, from 4GB to 2TB, and the larger sizes are very expensive compared to the smaller ones.

In many online stores you can find a 16 GB model for a few euros, while with a 1 TB model you can discount up to about 200 euros.

Jess Raftopoulos, Director of Dreamware Tech, explained that one possible reason for the higher prices is that the appeal of USB drives revolves around the ability to transfer small to medium-sized files at small sizes. “For larger files, the consumer should prefer alternatives such as external hard drives or, more recently, external solid-state drives,” she added.

In theory, an external SSD is very similar to a stick, as they use the same technology to store files, but on a much larger scale and at very impressive speeds.

However, the most common reason for the high price is that high-capacity switches are not mass-produced like low-capacity switches, users who need a lot of space prefer to buy an external hard drive or SSD.

However, on websites like Wish.com, keys with a large capacity, up to 1 TB and more, appear at a very low price. Unfortunately, this is a show too good to be true. These memories “lie” to the OS since they have 1 TB of space, but in reality they only have 16 GB.

If the user uploads a file larger than 16 GB on this media, the first recorded data will be deleted and replaced with the last copied data. Thus, the last 16 GB of data is available when copying a 50 GB file. Write speed also slows down significantly after 16GB.

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