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With Optiptint, print in the colors of love. ❤

Every company needs at least one printer to run smoothly. There is a situation when we have to send a scanned document, print certificates or forms and copy the documents to the archive. It is a minor evil and a cost that many entrepreneurs would like to avoid.

To save as little unnecessary time and money as possible, companies prefer to rent a printer. Here are 5 reasons to rent a printer versus buy.

Comprehensive print management relieves the user of all unnecessary worries and costs. Goodbye to printer worries!

The cost of printing is fixed and equal every month.

Rent provides the best overview of printing costs. The company reduces the initial investment of purchasing a special printer, as well as the cost of its maintenance and repair and the purchase of consumables. Renting offers a complete solution with no hidden costs and allows for careful planning. rental price installed (https://www.optiprint.si/paketi-najema/#PaketiNajema) It includes everything for worry-free printing, copying and scanning.

Easy and worry-free rental.

Renting provides freedom of choice and does not involve risks, so it is much easier to decide. rent (https://www.optiprint.si/najem-tiskalnika/#najem) Simple and efficient, and with Optiprint your printer care is completely unnecessary. The process of concluding cooperation is also simple. You can submit a sample for free and non-binding testing of the printer at the website www.optiprint.si. Our friendly sales consultants will advise you and customize a suitable device for you. Optiprint service technicians bring you a printer Optiprint endless color cartridge (https://www.optiprint.si/neskoncna-barvna-kartusa/#kartusa), plug it in, network it and you’re ready for unlimited color printing, copying and scanning.

Optiprint offers worry-free printing. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything but printed content.

No more printer maintenance and cartridge shopping.

Optiprint provides complete peace of mind when using your printer. Fifth Printer rental service (https://www.optiprint.si/najem-tiskalnika/#najem) In addition to the printer, printer maintenance, service, all spare parts and endless color cartridge. If the printer does not work, it will be replaced or repaired free of charge. The service includes comprehensive support, an instant remote technical solution, and a responsive local service that resolves field issues on the same day. Compared to purchasing, this is a huge saving of time and worry. Employees don’t waste time ordering consumables and don’t deal with stressful situations when they are left without a working printer after several weeks due to malfunctions.

Taking care of the printer is completely unnecessary, as the lease includes integrated management and maintenance of the printer. In the event of problems, a remote technical support team and quick response local service are available, which will solve the problems on the ground the same day.

Comprehensive and responsive technical support.

Did the printer report a malfunction? What now? Where is the nearest service station? Did you know that Optiprint’s local service center is an average of 20 km from the user? Unlike buying a printer, where you have to take care of maintenance yourself, pay a high price for servicing and wait for repairs, leasing ensures technical response, which is critical to your smooth operation in the event of problems. Optiprint Technical Support Team (https://www.optiprint.si/servis-in-tehnicna-podpora/#podpora) It responds exceptionally quickly and more than 95% of services are completed within one business day. We can also rely on our call center experts for ongoing support and any questions you may have.

The Optiprint technical team will never let you down.

Presence throughout Slovenia.

Optiprint’s mission is to provide users with complete print-free peace of mind, so they are constantly striving to improve their services. Optiprint always puts customers first, as evidenced by over 4,000 satisfied users. With a franchise network developed throughout Slovenia and a local presence, it provides fast response and reliability regardless of your location.

February, Optiprint’s Love Month.

love is in the air! In February Optiprint celebrates the month of love, so they prepared a special feature for you. More information at https://www.optiprint.si/blog/ljubezen-je-v-zraku-mesec-ljubezni-v-optiprintu/. Optiprint consultants are available for any additional questions at phone number 0590 75455 or 070774889 and email address [email protected]

With Optiprint, print carefree and the colors of love!

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