How much system memory…

PC users often complain about the high “requirements” that web browsers have for system memory (RAM). Some web browsers use a lot of system memory and other programs, including the operating system, are running out of time. And so the whole system starts to work much slower.

In addition to the web browser, computer games and some computer programs also consume a large amount of system memory. How much system memory do we really need in 2022? Experts believe that eight gigabytes of system memory is sufficient for most users. That should be enough to surf the World Wide Web, manage schedule editors, and even play some computer games. With four gigabytes of system memory and Windows 10 or 11, this won’t be an easy task. So four gigabytes would be very little.

If you can buy a computer with 16 GB of system memory, that’s much better. This will allow you to use various programs and play computer games without any problems. Experts recommend more than 16 GB of system memory for those who use more advanced software and have a computer system with high-performance hardware. Here we mainly consider a powerful graphics card and of course a processor.

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