SpaceX restores internet in case of volcanic eruption in Tonga: Starlink station erected in Fiji

This was reported by Reuters.

The archipelago was left without an internet connection after a volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean, which damaged a marine internet cable. Repairs could take months, so Elon Musk offered to send Starlink stations there and connect the state to the World Wide Web.

A team of SpaceX specialists has already arrived in Fiji to install the hardware and connect the country to the Starlink satellite network. It is not known how long the work will continue. The Fijian Broadcasting Corporation (a Fijian radio broadcaster) says the engineers will spend six months at the ground station.

Meanwhile, off the coast of the main island is the Reliance repair ship, which has been trying to repair the damaged Internet cable for a week.

What is happening in Tonga?

On January 15, an underwater volcano began erupting in the Pacific Ocean. As a result, a tsunami with a height of 1.2 meters covered the Tonga archipelago, inundated a number of islands and covered the country with a cloud of ash. The explosion was so loud that it was heard in New Zealand – 2,383 kilometers from Tonga.

On January 17, it became known that the shock waves from the volcanic eruption circled the planet twice. Echoes were recorded even in Ukraine and at the Academician Vernadsky station in Antarctica. However, meteorologists say there is no threat of a new tsunami.

After the disaster, Elon Musk offered to send his Starlink network terminals to Tonga. The locals, who were threatened with a long stay without the Internet, gladly accepted the offer.

What is starlink?

Starlink is a project of entrepreneur Ilona Mask to create a global satellite Internet. So far, SpaceX has launched nearly 2,000 satellites into orbit, and plans to launch 42,000 satellites into space by 2027.

At the end of January 2021, the company said its internet beta was already in use by 10,000 customers in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe. Early users claimed that the Internet worked without interruption, even in harsh weather conditions.

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