Stadioplus, the sports NFTs platform, launched…

The leading Spanish platform for sports NFTs, Stadioplus, is committed to launching its own cryptocurrency ($Stadio) through an ICO that has already started for private investors. Led by former NBA player and Olympic champion Luis Scola and businessman John Fatlevich, Stadioplus has established agreements and partnerships with some of the world’s most important athletes and competitions.

The Spanish company Stadioplus has taken another step towards expanding its platform and community with the $ Stadio Token, which is configured as a unique cryptocurrency that will help the world of sports and esports increase their income and create new monetization models.

The launch of the ICO will cover two phases: the first targeting its community; later for anyone. In this way, Stadioplus will issue 1,000 million tokens at a price of $0.20 in the second quarter of 2022, which is expected in April.

Some of the points that make Stadioplus cryptocurrency unique are that it will be configured as the exchange currency for its entire ecosystem, and it will give
Buyers gain access to exclusive experiences and attend master classes by VIPs from the world of sports and technology, as well as a special pre-sale of NFTs.

This platform, the leader in the sports NFTs sector in Spain and Latin America and one of the most important in Europe, has already recorded success stories in this sector, such as the well-known association between former Inter Milan player, Javier Zanetti, and crypto artist Javier Aris.

Stadioplus federations have some major national and international investors, as well as top-level sports names, among which we can find some players and teams from the NBA, Series A or ATP, among other competitions.

According to Stadioplus CEO John Vatelevich, “The launch of our token means the before and after for StadioPlus and for the sports world. It’s the currency
We hope it will be widely used in the sports ecosystem within what will be WEB 3.0, which many call the Internet of Money, the Internet of Ownership, and the Internet where users stop being customers and become owners of their digital assets.”

“NFTs in the online world, the video game world, and in the Metaverse will be everything we buy, use or consume today in the physical world. For this reason, we at StadioPlus will work tirelessly to find the best functions and facilities so that fans of the sports world have access to the best NFTs, which They can be used in as many Blockchain networks, metaverses and video games. We want our NFTs to be interoperable, so no matter who ultimately wins the network, the game or the metaverse, we have to be prepared for anything, whatever the outcome may be in the future.”

The most important thing, in Vatelevich’s words, is that we “really. We are already a platform, with our NFT ecosystem you can buy our tokens… We are not like most projects, we develop the technology part through the blockchain, we sell our products and we have more And more customers who trust us.”



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