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In October 2020, Apple introduced the iPad Air 4 tablet back to the public as part of a dedicated press conference. Apple engineers have equipped the refurbished iPad Air 4 tablet with a number of technical improvements. Among them, the A14 Bionic mobile processor stood out, which brought significant improvements over its predecessor. These were mainly improvements in the area of ​​processing capacity as well as the ability to transform graphic content. Namely, it was a mobile processor, which also comes with the still very popular iPhone 12 smartphone.

It looks like we will have a worthy successor in March of this year. Of course we are talking about the iPad Air 5 tablet, which is supposed to be presented with the iPhone SE 3 smartphone. Many experts are convinced that the iPad Air 5 tablet will not differ significantly from the current model, at least in appearance. However, Apple engineers are expected to provide the new product with a number of technical improvements.

If online rumors are to be believed, the new Apple iPad Air 5 tablet will be equipped with a powerful mobile A15 Bionic processor. The digital camera is also expected to improve. It is supposed to be equipped with an image sensor with a resolution of 12 million pixels. In addition, it is expected to support all modern mobile networks, and of course there will also be a version for wireless Wi-Fi networks. You’ll learn more about the Apple iPad Air 5 tablet on March 8th.

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